A very important aspect where Conservatives always lose points is the so called “socially progressive” questions. The strength, but also the vulnerability, of the Conservative movement is their attachment to the core values. This allows the left-wing parties to mercilessly bully the Tories for not being “modern enough, tolerant enough, and progressive enough” and not embracing “diversity”. Themselves, they are tolerant of anything. As said John Ruskin, an English philosopher and writer, “It is very easy to be tolerant of other people’s principles when you have none of your own”.

A good example that comes to mind is the provincial election in Alberta in 2019. The ruling NDP, losing popularity with their disastrous economic record, based their entire campaign against the runner-up United Conservative Party on gay rights and climate change – in the conservative Alberta! And, guess what, they didn’t win but they performed much better than could be expected. The Bullshit ideology in action.

It got worse since. The entire Alberta is now covered by signs “Defend Alberta parks!” although the UCP government has announced loud and clear that nothing and no one threatens these parks. Everywhere you can see signs “Black lives matter” and “Indigenous lives matter”; but try to put a sign saying that white lives matter too – you will immediately be dubbed a racist.

In California, one smart municipality came up with an initiative to run a Straight Pride Parade. Why not, why only gays can be proud? No way! The gay community immediately filed a legal challenge, asserting homophobia. And it was given credit.

Every where the left-wingers rule, they try to twist the Common Sense ideology, instill the Bullshit instead (calling it “political correctness” – same difference), and test the conservatives’ tolerance to it. We must not allow it. The CPC must give firm, but not dumb firm, answers to these questions right in their published electoral platform to not give way to left-wing bullying. Let’s consider some of these questions.

  • Climate change. I very much believe, and most SOW people believe, that the entire climate change issue is a hoax. But for millions of people, brainwashed by Greta-loving propaganda, it is real. This has reached the state of mass psychosis and it cannot be fought against, ignored or mocked at anymore. We shouldn’t give in to it either, though. Maybe ask professional psychiatrists how to deal with this problem. But we need a respectable plan on climate change response that would not sacrifice the economy. It should focus on reducing the emissions, which would make sense for the general environmental protection whether the climate change is real or not; but not allow things like carbon sequestration that is a total waste of money and is no good to anyone. Let the propaganda yell all they want; the conservative media should speak the truth and get to the minds and hearts of the people. People are not fools; if talked to in a serious and responsible way, they will understand.
  • Abortion. This is a revolving issue for decades and a matter where no one can win. The same arguments are repeated again and again. Here, we must support the pro-choice position, no matter what our religious upbringing tells us. Any other position is unsustainable. We cannot force people to be parents if they don’t want to; and we don’t need any unwanted, unloved, and neglected children around us. Few people have sex specially to have children; most do it for pleasure, and it is extreme Dark-Ageism to demand that they be held strictly accountable for the OOPS that happened at that moment when they could hardly control themselves. Most of all, the government should be kept out of it. Trying to outlaw abortions will only cause the appearance of underground clinics where unlicensed whomever will perform these operations without the due sanitary measures, doing severe harm to the health of the poor women.
  • Gay rights. This is the apex of the bullshit ideology. Gayhood has been decriminalized many years ago, and Trudeau the Elder (a Liberal) is credited with saying that “There is no place of the government in the bedrooms of the nation”. But the gays did not stop there. They’ve pushed further and further into the mainstream of public opinion. Any limitation of the gay advancement is immediately decried as homophobia and hatred propaganda.

    The Conservatives should say that they fully respect the civil rights of gays. However, there are no special gay rights other than being treated equal to all other members of the society. We must state, in no uncertain terms, that it is not a question of accepting or not accepting homosexuality as such, but a denial of claim of special status on matters unrelated to personal merit or service to the society. As soon as you firmly pronounce this, you’ll see that there will be a lot fewer gays all of a sudden, because all it is, is claim for attention without the due cause.

    This position should translate into action. Gay clubs can function and Gay parades can happen alright at their own expense (not on public dime!), but so can Straight pride parades. Aside from a festival setting, openly proclaiming one’s sexual orientation should fall under obscenity laws, same as displaying your affection to the opposite sex does. The public modesty and decency norms should be the same for everyone.

  • Cannabis. This is a huge crime committed by the Liberal government against its own people. Out of greed to lay their hands on narco-dollars, the Trudeau government cynically sacrificed the mental health of the entire nation, while killing the much more profitable oil industry. This must be qualified as such. I could understand that the government didn’t want to waste money on prosecuting petty marijuana violations; but they didn’t have to advertise it and even make it sound like it is a formidable thing. This compelled many people to try the pot (and get hooked on it) that otherwise, would have never thought of it. Jason Kenney, the Alberta Premier, brought up the fact that during the first COVID lockdown, more people died of drug overdose than of the COVID. Yikes.

    The Conservative Party should raise the responsible voice against this practice. Re-criminalization of dope is no longer possible; but I hope this industry will die by itself without the government support because so far, it hasn’t been able to compete with the de-criminalized black market. Again, serious and responsible information is key to discharge this bomb thrown into the public mental health.

Long live the Conservative!

This blog does not provide an exhaustive list by any means; but it should give the prospective leaders of our Party some ideas how we can win the next election and stay in power; more importantly, how we can make Canada a better country. There is lots of work ahead of us. Good luck and keep up the Conservative advancement!