We are all democrats here in Canada, aren’t we? Let me tell you some truths about the democracy.

The word “democracy” means “power of the people” in Greek. Quite obviously, this can’t be real, because the ordinary people don’t know or understand enough about politics or government to actually exercise the power. Rather, the power belongs to those who form the public opinion – the media. It should more correctly be called “the mediacracy”. This is the fundamental concept that we should look at more closely.

The mediacracy, or the so-called “fourth power”, is obnoxious and dangerous. Unlike the other three branches of power (executive, legislative, and judicial), it is not elected. Appointing a reporter or an editor is as simple as an employment contract. The people executing this power are not audited through a democratic process for being honest and impartial. They also don’t need to have any particular training or education, other than the ability to put the words together smoothly. Finally, the primary goal of the media is to be sold, read, clicked etc., at any rate and cost. For this, sensational and outrageously biased information serves best.

However, the purpose of the media is much more than just making money off the readers. Since it exerts a tremendous influence on people’s minds, it is used extensively to manipulate facts and opinions. It is hard at work day and night to suppress the SOW and promote the OW and the ideology of bullshit. It is also working hard to bring down the conservative forces in the society. Notice how none of the scandals that surrounds Trudeau’s rule really caught the fire with the Liberal-minded media. 10% of any one of these scandals occurring to a Conservative politician – and we would never hear the end of it. Stephen Harper, a very honest and respectable politician, was never welcomed by the media or supported by it. I am not even mentioning Donald Trump.

Why so? Obviously the media is not married to the Liberal Party. The simple truth is that the Liberals and the media both uphold the OW and the Bullshit. This is how they rule. They rise together and they fall together. Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Germany minister of propaganda, proclaimed the principle: “A lie repeated a thousand times becomes the truth”. We may not like the guy but he surely knew his stuff. Substitute the climate change here.

Another important trait of democracy is the strength in numbers; the head count as the source of power. In this capacity, surprisingly, it is not much different than a dictatorship. Both systems suppress the people, forcing them to submit to someone else’s will, as 70 million Trump supporters will now have to endure Biden, whom they cannot stomach. This is how the democracy works. Same here in Canada – the simple fact that more people live in the East than in the West forever condemns Albertans to live under the rule of Ontario-elected prime ministers.

What can the Conservative Party do about this? Are we doomed to always be ruled by the government that one part of the country imposes on the other? Fortunately, there is a solution to this dilemma, made specially in Canada. Americans cannot do it; but we can. It is called a “win-win” solution. While our southern neighbours fight to the blue face trying to make their party win and the other one lose, we in Canada know better. The true solution is the one that makes all parts of the society the winners. We will win when we build a platform that benefits all parts of the society – a filing clerk in a Toronto law firm, a university researcher in Ottawa, a Saskatchewan wheat farmer, an oil rig worker from Fort McMurray, and a retiree on Vancouver Island.

In the next post of this series, I will outline the details of this “win-win” platform. . .